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Designed In Colour

26 May /


We love PANTONE. What is not to love about colour? For those of you new to this incredible brand, the PANTONE system is essentially the global standard by which colour is numerically standardised so it can be reproduced exactly, in everything from paint to make-up to coasters.

Founded in 1962, the company—at the time which was just a small business manufacturing colour cards for cosmetics companies—was bought by Lawrence Herbert, who had been an employee since 1956. Lawrence then focused on developing the first colour matching system in 1963, and the rest they say is history.

Now, PANTONE is the international colour system much beloved and used by millions of creatives daily.

PANTONE had the wit and vision to allows us to take their system and apply it to products with a creative twist, igniting a new, international consumer fan base on the way. The classic colour 'chip', which is the frame of white and the numbered representative colour, is the PANTONE icon that we first took and applied to the mugs in 2007: our very first PANTONE product.

PANTONE is quite simply the code of colour. What could be cooler than that?

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